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Houston Yard Tree Brush Limbs Trimming Removal Made Easy!

Houston Yard Tree Brush Limbs Trimming Removal Made Easy!

Project Details

We had a customer who had some trees trimmed and brush cleaned up and bagged, little did they know that the tree trimming service did not price in junk removal disposal costs. The customer had no idea the tree limbs and brush was not going to be taken away by the gardening tree company so they called around and hired us Service People Junk Removal to take care of it because we had the most fair price around with great customer support.

Junk Service People of Houston showed with a large truck, trailer and 2 hard working crew members met with the customer and reviewed the unwanted waste the customer had. They had 5 piles of small brush waste they needed gone, we quoted them our standard rates which are 20% cheaper then our national competitors like junk kings and got junk.  We where happy to take care of this yard waste for the customer and we are happy to help take care of unwanted needs big or small. The drive took us longer then the pickup and loading part, but that is just where our job begins we then must then recycle dump or donate the unwanted stuff. In this case it was tree waste and we had it taken to a recycling plant.

Do not waste your time sorting and lugging items to the curb, risking fines and citations from the city, all in the hopes that someone may stop and take your old stuff, connect with us and let us handle what we handle best!